Surprising word of mouth!! Popular Kushikatu restaurant in Higashi Osaka


How is the taste created in "Shinsekai" - the sacred spot of Kushikatsu?

Kushikatsu "Chitose" is 3 minutes walk from Kintetsu "Yaenosato" station. Please take a look at these surprising words of mouth from their regular customers.

Testimony 1 Unique batter!Unique batter!


The batter made with sticky yam and super fine bread flour is fluffy but give chewy texture when you bite. Very light as fried in good oil. It is not heavy in your stomach even if you eat a lot.

Please take a look how the fluffy batter is fried!!

Testimony 2 Rich and sweet sauce!Rich and sweet sauce!

Rich and sweet sauce!

Homemade sweet sauce. The special batter is perfect to dip plenty of this sause. Please do not double dip.

Testimony 3 Reasonable price!Reasonable price!


The price of Kushikatsu is reasonable as it starts from 100 yen and you can order from 1 skewer. The 10 skewers course is a great value as it comes with beef, pork, fried chicken, onion, asparagus, shiitake mushroom,scallop,large shrimp,smelt,fish cake with cheese and it is only 2,000 yen. They have great deal that you can eat and drink until full and it costs only about 2,500 yen.

Testimony 4 The manager is fun!The manager is fun!

The manager

If you want to enjoy the atomosphere sit at the counter. You can enjoy the conversation with the manager while you eat kushikatsu.

Testimony 5 The friendly atmosphere that anyone feel comfortableThe friendly atmosphere that anyone feel comfortable.

tables zashiki

The capacity is about 20 people with L shaped counter around the kitchen and tables. It is suitable for single person, with a few friends or family.

These multiple testimonies from their regular customers...
Very courious if this is true!?

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5-5-25,Shimokosaka,Higashi Osaka-shi,Osaka,Japan【MAP】
Business hour/17:00-23:00 (L.O. 22:30)
closed on Monday
(We open Monday when it is holiday and closed on Tuesday)


How to enjoy Kushikatsu

1. Dip the sizzling kushikatsu deep into the special sauce

Dip the sizzling kushikatsu deep into the special sauce

2. Each Kushikatsu should be dipped only once.

Each Kushikatsu should be dipped only once.

3. Free refill of cabbage

Free refill of cabbage